“Ms. Monopoly”

When this video first popped up on Twitter, many of us, myself included, were livid at the seeming tone-deafness and condescension of it.

But even on first viewing, something was off about it. It was edited too quickly at the end. Sure enough, it was because someone decided to try and make the video look much worse than it really was. As it turns out, the full video is wonderful and a great move by the company. I apologize unreservedly for my part in making the “fake” video seen.

And to the person who posted the original piece, shame on you. We already have far too many divisions in our society for you to make this worse. At least Hasbro is trying to make things better. Your attempts at tearing them down for no good reason are offensive and you should be ashamed at your part in it, as I am for posting the original.