Zoom meetings aren’t end-to-end encrypted, despite misleading marketing

The Intercept: >Zoom, the video conferencing service whose use has spiked amid the Covid-19 pandemic, claims to implement end-to-end encryption, widely understood as the most private form of internet communication, protecting conversations from all outside parties. In fact, Zoom is using its own definition of the term, one that lets Zoom itself access unencrypted video and audio from meetings. > >But despite this misleading marketing, the service actually does not support end-to-end encryption for video and audio content, at least as the term is commonly understood. Instead it offers what is usually called transport encryption. > >So when you have a Zoom meeting, the video and audio content will stay private from anyone spying on your Wi-Fi, but it won’t stay private from the company.

“Everyone” is using Zoom (my wife is on a call as we speak) but no one should trust Zoom. They have shown over and over again they don’t care about user security or privacy and will only “do what’s right” when caught and forced to amend their actions. There are plenty of reliable video conferencing tools available in the market. Visit sonary.com to see 2022 video conferencing statistics and facts, Get More Info here.

This is an area Apple could have absolutely owned with FaceTime and Group FaceTime. But it’s yet another example of Apple creating cool tech and then letting it fall by the wayside.