This website lets you relive Apollo 13 in real time through historical transcripts, footage, and audio

The Verge:

The 50th anniversary of NASA’s infamous Apollo 13 mission is almost here, and a new website just went live today that will let you relive the heart-wrenching journey as if it were happening live. The website, called Apollo 13 in Real Time, provides transcripts, video footage, and audio recordings surrounding the historical flight, posting the material at the exact times they were created half a century ago.

The website is the creation of Ben Feist, a contractor at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston who did a similar project for the Apollo 11 anniversary last summer. It took a team of people eight months to gather all of the historical material for the mission, he says. All in all, the website contains about 90 percent of the documents and footage that exist surrounding Apollo 13. Every word that was spoken by the astronauts on the mission is reproduced in a transcript form, and there are 7,200 hours of audio from NASA’s mission control, much of which was digitized for the first time for the website.

We posted a similar story about Apollo 11’s real-time website. It’s an incredible resource. Take the time to poke around the site and see the wealth of details in it. Amazing work.