Why everyone hates Dasani water

Mel Magazine:

For an expert opinion, I reached out to the world’s leading water sommelier, Martin Riese. Turns out, he’s not much of a Dasani fan either.

Dasani, he explains, along with Smartwater, Aquafina and “any other bottled water that doesn’t say ‘spring water’ on the bottle,” is a capitalistic abomination. They take tap water and filter out all of the minerals and chemical contaminants before inserting some combination of minerals until the combination creates a flavor profile people like. “It’s the biggest lie on planet Earth,” Riese says.

“So when you go to the grocery store, look at the labels: If it says spring water, that means it comes from a naturally occurring source and they cannot do anything to it, it’s 100 percent water created by nature. If it’s a purified water like Dasani, you know it’s nothing else than filtered tap water created in a factory,” Riese says.

I don’t hate Dasani but I no longer drink it or any other bottled water. But it is amusing to see in the stores that, even if all the other bottled waters are gone, there are often cases of Dasani left behind.