What you get for $1500 — MacBook Air versus MacBook Pro versus iPad Pro


Let’s say that you have a ceiling of $1,500 to spend, and that what you need to buy is something you will work on. You could spend less and get something to just watch movies on, or write emails, but if we aim for something more powerful and cap it at this price point, we can really see where Apple’s new lineup stands or falls.

For the same reason, let’s further assume that you’re doing enough with this device that you need to have a keyboard. And also that whatever you buy now is either going to be your primary computing device, or it at least needs to sometimes be capable of being that.

If it weren’t for one single problem, you might be able to stop your search before it even began. On paper, the 13-inch MacBook Pro wins hands down.

I imagine there are a lot of people going through this thought process right now.