Coronavirus impact: Netflix shuts down film, tv work in U.S. and Canada as production nears standstill

The Hollywood Reporter:

The fate of scripted television production is very much in flux as the world grapples with the coronavirus.

As of late Thursday evening, NBCUniversal has either suspended production or accelerated the season wrap schedules on 35 shows (scripted, unscripted and syndicated) as a precaution. CBS meanwhile, is taking a similar strategy and has done the same with a fair amount of its series. Other networks and studios are taking things on a case-by-case scenario. While every network, streamer and studio scrambled to make decisions about staffers working from home and what to do with series production, everyone had one thing in common: a sense of uncertainty given the unprecedented nature of the global pandemic.

By mid-Friday, Netflix had shut down all scripted TV and film physical production and prep for two weeks in the U.S. and Canada to comply with government restrictions in the regions. Disney TV Studios had shut down 16 pilots.

The news included a tidbit about Apple.

Apple, meanwhile, has suspended all active filming on projects from outside studios. That includes previously announced The Morning Show and Foundation, as well as See, Lisey’s Story, Servant and For All Mankind.