How to own some big-time music, film, and other royalties

Follow the headline link, start scrolling. It’s a market for film and music royalties:

Artists turn to Royalty Exchange to raise money and take control of their financial future. We connect them with private investors through the world’s first online marketplace for buying and selling royalties. Creators love us because we give them a powerful new way to fund their career. Investors love us because we help them generate income that’s hard to beat. And our commitment to transparency and honesty ensures value for all.

A few (of many) highlights:

  • The film “Trading Places”
  • Jay-Z, Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind”
  • Ben & Jerry’s “Cherry Garcia”
  • “Black Water” and 23 other Doobie Brothers songs

Note that copyright is generally not included in the auction. You pay up front, get the royalties over time. Fascinating.