Wacom defends itself against data harvesting accusations


Wacom has responded to allegations drivers for its tablet line are collecting data on its users and passing it on to Google, including the names of macOS applications being used, by claiming it has no access to personal data and what data it collects is anonymized before it is seen by the company.

“We apologize for any confusion regarding data collection being done by the Wacom software driver,” the firm states, “and the unclarity about the actual information collected.”

Wacom claims it collects data “for quality insurance and development purposes only,” with the driver collecting a “sample of information” such as the model, hardware usage, and the names of apps. The company does not collect MAC addresses nor serial numbers.

Hey Wacom – if you had thought about this to begin with, you wouldn’t be in this trouble now. Companies need to learn what “opt-in” means.