New ‘CarKey’ feature in iOS 13.4 beta might let your iPhone and Apple Watch be your car key

Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac:

iOS 13.4 contains references to a “CarKey” API, which will make it possible to use the iPhone and also the Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and start a car. According to the system’s internal files, users will be able to use CarKey in NFC-compatible cars, as they only need to hold the device near the vehicle to use it as a key.

I would absolutely love this feature.

I recognize this might not be possible with existing hardware, but imagine if you could get a text or your phone could ring if someone unlocked your car and your keys were nowhere near the car.

Or how about a camera built into the car that took a snapshot every time your car was unlocked? If you live in or near a city, car break-ins are a way of life, and these two features might help reduce these.

The unification of the car and the smartphone ecosystem moves ever closer.