Apple, just bundle News+ already

M.G. Siegler:

News+ was never going to work as a stand-alone subscription offering from Apple. With the news today of a key departure from the group, perhaps the company now sees that. But the writing has been on the wall from day one.

So, what to do?

It’s so obvious that it’s already rumored. Make News+ a part of an Apple bundle. Yes, yes, “Apple Prime” as it were. Flip the script so that News+ isn’t yet another cognitive load on us. Something that may be a good deal but will I really have time for that? To: oh wow, this is included in what I already pay for? Awesome.

This is a no-brainer that many of us have been saying from the start. In light of today’s departure of a key executive, I’ve been told Apple will announce a News+ bundle at or before WWDC this June.