Apple’s official response to AG Barr over unlocking Pensacola shooter’s phone


Earlier today Attorney General William Barr called on Apple to unlock the alleged phone of the Pensacola shooter — a man who murdered three people and injured eight others on a Naval base in Florida in December. Apple has responded by essentially saying: “no.”

I disagree with this characterization. Read Apple’s response. It’s more nuanced. If I had to capture it simply, I’d quote this paragraph:

We have always maintained there is no such thing as a backdoor just for the good guys. Backdoors can also be exploited by those who threaten our national security and the data security of our customers. Today, law enforcement has access to more data than ever before in history, so Americans do not have to choose between weakening encryption and solving investigations. We feel strongly encryption is vital to protecting our country and our users’ data.

Follow the headline link, read Apple’s response for yourself.