Forget Top Gun: Maverick—let’s settle Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf once and for all

Ars Technica:

I have taken it upon myself to decide, once and for all, which is the superior ’80s murder-copter: Blue Thunder or Airwolf?

You remember Blue Thunder and Airwolf, right?

Blue Thunder was a 1983 movie starring an experimental, machine-gun-toting police helicopter that eventually tears up Los Angeles. The movie’s human star is an LAPD helicopter pilot (played by Roy Scheider) whose name is Murphy, because all movie cops are named Murphy. Murphy uncovers a conspiracy involving the chopper that leads him into the aforementioned aerial dogfight over the streets of LA.

Airwolf, by contrast, was a totally different thing. It was a TV show that ran on CBS from 1984 to 1986 before squeezing out one more season on the USA network. It also involved an experimental military chopper flown by a sullen ex-Army pilot with the shockingly preposterous name “Stringfellow Hawke” (played by Jan-Michael Vincent).

What a great trip down memory lane. I’ve studiously avoided re-watching Blue Thunder because I don’t want my childhood memories of enjoying it immensely be ruined by discovering, as an adult, that it was actually a bad movie.