Apple Pay glitch saddles NYC straphangers with accidental charges

Love a good NY Post headline.

From the article:

The OMNY tap-and-go fare readers have been taking a $2.75 charge from people who have enabled a passcode-skipping Apply Pay service — which allows straphangers to enter the subway with a swipe of their iPhone at the turnstile — even while trying to use a regular MetroCard.


MTA Chief Revenue Officer Al Putre confirmed that “about 30 customers” had complained about “unintended charges when the Express Transit feature of their iPhones is activated.”


An Apple rep said the company has not had the issue in other cities where the Express Transit feature is available.

If 30 customers complained, my bet is there is a pool of people who were charged, but didn’t notice it.

That said, the fact that this appears to be specific to the OMNY contactless fare payment system makes me think this is an implementation issue, maybe a hardware issue, not necessary a flaw in Apple Pay. We’ll see.