For the love of God, don’t buy an 8K TV


Anyone paying attention to the news coming out of CES this week has probably noticed that 8K TVs seem to be the next big thing.

The coverage of 8K has really irked me. Nearly every article I’ve read that covers these newly announced 8K TVs seem to center around one criticism of the 8K trend: that no native content exists. This, while true, misses the point. Even if we had a surplus of available 8K content — as we do 4K content from services like Disney+ and Netflix — it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. Why? Because whatever benefits might come from 8K probably aren’t worth the added costs of getting it in the first place.

Is there any real interest in 8K TVs or is it all manufacturer hype? Personally, I won’t even bother looking into them until the price comes down significantly.