Using iPhone’s ‘Night Mode’ to shoot 40 days of darkness in Russia’s north


For my latest photo essay “Forty Days Of Darkness,” I bought the new iPhone 11 Pro and went to Russia’s Murmansk, the biggest city in the Arctic circle. From December until January the sun never rises over Murmansk. With the iPhone camera (most of the time) set to “night mode,” I shot life in the darkness there.

The iPhone’s Night Mode is the witchiest camera technology I’ve ever used. I still don’t understand it. I was shooting three second exposures made handheld, yet I never saw any movement blur. All of the shots I made were tack sharp.

Some amazing images here. And I echo the writer’s two main frustrations – not being able to turn on Night Mode when I want to and the incredibly annoying “little green ghost spots” when shooting points of light at an angle.