Catalina-compatible version v3.3 of SuperDuper now available

Dave Nanian @ Shirt Pocket:

I’m happy to announce the release of v3.3 of SuperDuper, our fully Catalina-compatible version: happier, perhaps, then even you are in reading the news. It’s available via the normal update mechanism, or by downloading it from the web site.

The process of getting to a final version took longer than I hoped it would, but for good reason: once again, Apple has made some pretty radical changes to the way things are stored on your drive, and we didn’t want to release a final version—a version that would be installed by “everyone”—without getting extensive test coverage in “real world” situations…that is, setups other than our own test setups and real-world “developer” systems.

In conjunction with Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper has been part of my backup planning for years.