Streaming TV’s battle of the binge: “burn” all episodes or take a “weekly pulse”?

The Hollywood Reporter:

Hollywood has been weighing the merits of the binge model ever since Netflix popularized it with House of Cards in 2013. But with four streaming services expected to launch by the end of 2020, the question of how to release a TV show is taking on new urgency.

Each platform is approaching the calculation differently: Apple, which dropped its first batch of TV+ shows Nov. 1, has opted for multiple rollout strategies. It released Hailee Steinfeld period comedy Dickinson all at once but only the first three episodes of dramas The Morning Show, See and For All Mankind, which will unfold weekly.

I see the merits of both but lean toward preferring the weekly episodic approach. I think it allows for more buzz and conversation, avoids a lot of spoilers and builds anticipation for each episode. What do you prefer – episodes dropped all at once or the old school model of once a week?