Steve Jobs: Secrets of life

Came across a video on Twitter, a gif someone made of Steve Jobs talking about asking for help.

I did a bit of digging, found that the clip was from a documentary pulled together back in the day by the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association.

Here are two clips from the documentary that really speak to me. They are very short and both worth watching.

At the core, both messages are about not being afraid to poke life, to try things. When I was young, I had a vision of writing a book on Mac programming. The information I needed just wasn’t available, everyone was just figuring it out by themselves, with clues in the still forming technical documentation from Apple.

I’d never written a book, but I did some detective work, found a publisher (Addison-Wesley) who published technical books, started making phone calls. After a lot of dead ends, I finally found a human being who could see what I saw, was willing to take a chance on me.

And that act changed my life. Watch the videos, great messages in both.