Benjamin Mayo: The worst part of Apple TV+ is the TV app

Long op-ed from Benjamin Mayo on 9to5Mac. Lots of solid points. One in particular that struck me:

It’s also frustrating that the “Library” is not really a library. The Library only includes iTunes content. I want to be able to build a personal library of content regardless of how I paid for it. TV+ shows should be able to be saved to the library to find later, or any Apple TV Channels content for that matter.

If Apple wants the TV app to be the universal go-to place for watching TV, they need to create a universal watch/wish list that you can edit. I’d love a master TV list that would let me add shows I want to watch, even if they are shows from Netflix, Disney+, HBO, etc.

If Apple wants the TV app to be universal, they need to support their competition. If that’s not the goal, fine, at least add all the features that Netflix offers for managing content.