Your guide to Apple TV+, Disney+, and all the other streamers chasing Netflix


Netflix has ruled the streaming video world for years. Now Apple, Disney, and other big companies are trying to change that: They’d like to claim some of the time and money you give to Netflix — which has nearly 160 million subscribers worldwide — and they’re going to spend billions trying to make it happen.

Which is why you’re hearing a lot right now about Apple’s new streaming service, which launches Friday, and Disney’s, which launches a couple of weeks after that. And you’ve probably heard about WarnerMedia’s new take on HBO, which will come online in May but got a big debut this week.

It’s also why you may be confused about all of this. What is all of this stuff? How much do I pay for it? And do I want to watch any of it, anyway?

We hear you, dear reader and fellow binger. And we are here to help. Let’s start explaining the Streaming Wars and why you should care about them.

It’s all going to come down to content and price.