The hicks, skids, and jocks of ‘Letterkenny’ are back

Fast Company:

What makes Letterkenny special isn’t just that it’s based on the small-town life of creator and star Jared Keeso, but how it manages to combine quirky dialogue, regional slang, rapid-fire joke delivery, near-constant cussing, and endless sh*t talking with a surprising amount of humanity.

It’s also a direct descendant of lovable hoser comedies that stretch back to SCTV’s Bob and Doug McKenzie of the early 80s, up through the Trailer Park Boys of the early ’00s, both of which managed to build massive fan bases by combining Canadiana with down-to-earth, booze-fueled banter. Over the last few years, Letterkenny has grabbed that bottle and run with it.

It’s a very silly show, kind of like a Canadian Seinfeld. Nothing actually happens but it’s fun to watch. And I bet you’ll pick up on the Canadian slang real quick – “Pitter-patter, let’s get at ‘er.”