Technology could end drunk driving, and the US may even mandate it


It’s an unfortunate reality that plenty of people still operate vehicles while intoxicated, which can lead to disastrous results for the driver and innocent motorists and pedestrians. “Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes,” says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Despite massive public information campaigns to curb drunk driving, the hard fact is there’s still nothing stopping a driver from getting behind the wheel after too much to drink.

Technology is in the pipeline that would prevent anyone over the legal blood-alcohol content level from firing up a vehicle and motoring off. According to Reuters, this includes devices planted in the steering wheel or push-button ignition to measure a driver’s BAC. If the devices detect it’s too high, via infrared lights shined through a driver’s fingertip, it’s no dice to drive anywhere. Another possible solution are sensors to monitor a driver’s eye movement and breath.

Would you support this kind of legislation if the technology was available and worked as expected?