Eternal city, modern photography: the iPhone 11 Pro in Rome


In many ways, the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera system feels like the culmination of over a decade’s worth of judicious, relentless improvements. Not only is the device’s camera the best and smartest Apple has ever shipped, but it also affords the most photographic freedom, allowing non-professional photographers like me to produce amazing shots with minimal effort.

I’m not a professional photographer, but the camera system in the iPhone 11 Pro, combined with the latest advancements in the Camera and Photos apps for iOS 13, makes me excited to go out and take as many pictures as I can again.

So many stories trumpeting the photographic abilities of the new iPhones are accompanied by really awful photos taken by bad photographers. Viticci “cheats” by being able to take shots in a beautiful location that really does a great job of showing off the capabilities of the new camera system.