New Apple Arcade game releases: ‘Redout: Space Assault’, ‘The Bradwell Conspiracy’, and ‘Nightmare Farm’

Touch Arcade:

The trio of games is very interesting and pretty varied. Bossa Studios’ The Bradwell Conspiracy is something many fans on multiple platforms have been looking forward to. The narrative driven first person experience has loads of puzzles and secrets.

Redout: Space Assault was originally announced for PC. The arcade shooter from 34BigThings has debuted through Apple Arcade with a PC release to follow in the future. I’m always up for more space shooter action and this one looks really good. It supports controllers right from the get go as expected. You play as Leon who is a pilot working to colonialize Mars with mankind struggling.

Nightmare Farm is the most surprising release for me. You’ve probably played a ton of Neko Atsume by now. Hit Point who brought us Neko Atsume is responsible for Nightmare Farm that is about a young girl in a nightmare world meeting unique characters to try and grow.

I’m still addicted to Grindstone.