The ultra-wide camera in the iPhone 11 models is fixed-focus, doesn’t support Raw capture


Last week, Apple debuted its new iPhone 11 devices, all three of which feature an ultra-wide camera module. This marks the first time Apple has put an ultra-wide camera in an iOS device and with the new camera comes all-new capabilities and shooting modes.

Not all of the cameras are made equal though. In addition to not having optical image stabilization, it’s been revealed the ultra-wide camera unit on all three models isn’t yet capable of capturing Raw image data or manual focus, unlike the wide-angle camera (and telephoto camera on the iPhone 11 Pro models).

Optical image stabilization isn’t really needed on an ultra-wide lens and the lack of RAW support probably won’t affect many users. Apple might be able to fix the problem, which is assumed to be due to distortion present in the uncorrected ultra-wide images, with a software update at some point in the future.