How Apple Arcade wants to bust up free-to-play games. And why that’s a good thing

LA Times:

The iPhone and its App Store changed gaming. And not always for the better. Yet now with Apple Arcade, a game subscription service launching this week, Apple wants to tweak and elevate the conversation surrounding games.

A long overdue course correction that attempts to attract attention away from free-to-play diversions, Apple Arcade succeeds where the game industry has failed. Apple’s iTunes recognized a weakness of the mainstream music industry, namely a fear to collectively embrace digital music. Now Apple Arcade acknowledges what’s long been one of the game industry’s most stubborn, less becoming traits: a lack of willingness to take a risk and put its best and most adventurous content forward.

I don’t know if Apple Arcade will “kill free-to-play” gaming as some have predicted but it is a shot across the bow to those developers who use that model to make money.