The embargo has lifted and the reviews are in – the iPhone 11 and Pro are a hit

ALong with the review from TechCrunch and The Verge we’ve already posted, here’s a roundup of the other significant review of the new devices.

Daring Fireball: “The iPhone 11 and iPhones 11 Pro”

the year-over-year improvements are equally impressive and at times mind-boggling.

iMore” “iPhone 11 Review: The one for everyone” and “iPhone 11 Pro Review: The Ultimate iPhone Experience”

CNET: “iPhone 11 Pro Max: This year’s extreme iPhone is for camera and battery lovers”

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro models offer just a little bit extra, but some of those features matter a lot to extreme mobile users and pixel experts.

The Wall Street Journal (paywall): “iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Review: The Battery Life We’ve Been Dying For”

The new iPhones have improved cameras, but our columnist is betting you’ll care most about the extra juice

CNBC: “Apple’s iPhone 11 lineup gives people what they want: Cameras, battery and a good price”

the focus is on what consumers have been asking for: great cameras and awesome battery life.

Mashable: “iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max: The ultimate camera”

You may never need a “real” camera again.

Tom’s Guide – “iPhone 11 Review: The Best Phone for the Money” and “iPhone 11 Pro Review: The Camera Phone to Beat”

BuzzFeed: “An iPhone 11 Pro Review For Dogs (And Their Owners)”

Very telephoto. Much ultrawide. Wow.

USAToday: “iPhone 11: Great camera, long battery, but not a must-buy”

I’ve had a week testing the new iPhones to come to a conclusion, and while not all the answers are clear cut, these are the best iPhones Apple has engineered.

Wired (paywall) – “Apple iPhone 11” and “Apple iPhone 11 Pro” (it should be noted that Lauren Goode pompously claimed on Twitter these are “the only (two!) iPhone reviews you need.” Obviously, she’s wrong.