With the iPhone 11 Pro, mobile filmmakers finally get a cinema camera

No Film School:

When Phil Schiller said that the new iPhone 11 Pro was the first mobile device that Apple has ever given the name “Pro” to, there was a reason. That’s because after we saw the demo, it became abundantly clear that mobile filmmaking was a thing, and Apple was dead set on giving them a cinema-grade camera to shoot with. And thanks to an upcoming release of FiLMiC Pro, that’s not going to just be hype. The future is here.

Apple invited FiLMiC Pro to the Steve Jobs Theater to highlight an upcoming build of the app, which gives mobile filmmakers some game-changing new features. Now a cinematographer will be able to not only switch between shots in real-time from all four cameras (including the Selfie camera) but will have a kind of video switcher to see each image and choose it with a simple touch of the screen. There’s also a refined director’s viewfinder, which will enable users to zoom into each focal length from the SuperWide camera to the 2x telephoto, all while recording at 4K at 60fps.

The FiLMiC Pro demo alone makes me want to buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max.