Where does the Apple Watch go next?

Chaim Gartenberg, The Verge:

Apple’s also coming off a major redesign for the Apple Watch last year, the first it’s ever done since introducing the product back in 2015, which means that the Series 5 models will almost certainly continue using the Series 4 design instead of something new. It’s particularly telling that the biggest updates rumored for the Apple Watch this year are either cosmetic — like the leaked titanium and ceramic cases — or software based, like the standalone App Store and rumored sleep tracking.

I have no big expectations for Apple Watch for tomorrow’s event, which means any big news will be that rare beast, a surprise.

One thing I would like to see from Apple Watch is a better interface for stand detection. If you ask me to stand, and I stand, flip the bit right away. If I’m supposed to stand for a minute, how about some kind of countdown timer? And if standing is not what you are going for (if you need me to move, not just stand), say so.