On the rumored follow-on to the iPhone SE

Start off with this Bloomberg article, titled: Apple Plans Return of Touch ID and New Cheap iPhone.

Some fascinating rumors there, including:

Apple is also working on its first low-cost iPhone since the iPhone SE. That could come out as early as the first half of 2020, the people said. The device would look similar to the iPhone 8 and include a 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone 8 currently sells for $599, while Apple sold the iPhone SE for $399 when that device launched in 2016. The new low-cost phone is expected to have Touch ID built into the home button, not the screen.

Now switch gears to this Daring Fireball take:

The SE debuted about 6 months after the iPhone 6S, with the same A9 chipset. If Apple follows the same playbook, this new iPhone would have the A13 chip we expect to see in next week’s new iPhones — the iPhone 8 has an A11 that will soon be two years old. Makes a lot of sense — none of the X-class phones are going to drop to $400 in 2020, but it would be good for Apple and for users if there were a $400 iPhone with A13 specs.

Totally agree, and good analysis. But:

The only downside of this report is for people holding onto hope that Apple will make a new SE-sized phone with a 4-inch display. I would expect this rumored phone to look as much like an iPhone 8 as the SE looks like an iPhone 5S.

Based on many conversations with SE lovers, I believe the small SE footprint is an important driver here. People with smaller hands and small (or no) pockets love the SE, find it a perfect fit. I’d hate to see Apple abandoning that smaller form-factor, though it does feel like that’s the way that particular wind is blowing.

Side note, this thread on a name for such a device. Pipe in with your own thoughts.