Hey, Apple – the Activity app needs rest days like right now

Ged Maheux:

I’ve been really proud of myself for keeping the streak going for 3 whole months (I know people who have gone years!) but honestly, looking ahead at an empty September is daunting.

The problem only gets worse over time. The longer my streak continues, the more pressure there is not to break it. It can be so stressful in fact, some people have come up with clever hacks to work around breaking streaks. Contrary to what the folks on Apple’s Activity team may tell you, this isn’t actually healthy. It’s important to give your body (and mind) a break to recover and rebuild every now and then. Which is why iOS desperately needs to build in the concept of rest days into its Activity app.

Unlike Ged, I’m not a “slave” to my Apple Watch rings but, as I said on Twitter, the Activity app does need more customization similar to what he writes about. For example, it would be great to have lower goals during the week for people who work or live in colder/wetter/hotter climates who can’t get outdoors every day and higher goal rings on the weekends. Having to do the same amount EVERY DAY is not feasible for many of us.