A first look at Disney+

Engadget got the chance to sit down with Michael Paull, president of Disney Streaming Services and look at a preview of Disney+.

A few nuggets:

Aside from shows like The Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, which will be available on November 12th, Disney announced at D23 Expo that it has a bunch more in the works, such as Marvel’s Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk as well as a new Lizzie McGuire original.


There’s also going to be a feature that will let people create profiles which are programmed for children seven and under, which are organized by characters (e.g. Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses) instead of shows or movies.


What’s more, if you’re watching a movie or show on, say, the Apple TV or Xbox One and pause, you can continue watching where you left off on your other devices.

The more I hear, the more this $6.99 a month price is a no-brainer to me. Might be enough content for me to swap out Netflix, which feels like much less of a value.

Apple TV+? I will definitely give it a try, but without a back catalog, might be a tough sell at the rumored $9.99 a month price.