THX’s iconic tone just got upgraded for the 4K era

The Verge:

THX’s long-running “bwonnnnnnnnnnnnnng” Deep Tone sound that plays before movies just got a lavish new update.

It’s still recognizable to cinephiles, but the version heard in the trailer above is much crisper than the original tone that played before Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in 1983. There have been more than 20 remixed versions of the tone since then, including special versions made for The Simpsons and Shrek. Everyone knows it! It’s a meme! People remix the tone into their songs because it’s universally understood.

In my younger days, this sound before the beginning of a movie sent tingles down my spine. It meant I was about to see a “good movie.” As I got older, I realized it means I’m going to see a movie with (probably) good sound but no promises as to how good the actual movie will be.