A French chateau hoarding the world’s largest private collection of fighter jets

Nessy Nessy Chic:

At no other chateau in all of France will you find a Soviet helicopter parked on the back lawn. Or a 1970s hovercraft. Or a record-breaking collection of World War II fighter jets for that matter. Not to mention a warehouse full of vintage firetrucks, 200 antiques motorbikes, 36 racing cars – and the list goes on – all sitting comfortably in retirement amongst the vineyards of Burgundy.

Michel Pont is the world’s biggest private collector of fighter planes according to the Guinness World Book of Records. Among his hundred-odd airplanes parked in the shadows of the Chateau Sevigny-lès-Beaune, one of them was once armed with atomic bombs during General Charles de Gaulle’s presidency, while another hanging from the ceiling in the barn is one of the earliest airplanes ever made.

What an odd place for such a collection. But now I want to go see it.