Deep Fakes: Full House…of Mustaches, and now it’s gone

There’s a clip flying around the internet of Bill Hader being interviewed by David Letterman. Hader does impressions of Al Pacino and Tom Cruise. But in this Deep Fake version of the clip, Hader’s face morphs into Pacino and Cruise as he shifts characters. It’s eerie, creepy, fascinating, and a sign of deeper fakes to come.

If you haven’t seen the clip, take a minute to watch.

UPDATE: Sadly, the whole reason I posted this was the clip referenced below. It’s been pulled. I suspect due to a copyright claim. Search the interwebs, ping me if you find it anywhere. Bummer.

I’ve embedded the Bill Hader clip, so it wouldn’t be a total loss.

UPDATE 2: Found it! Weirdly clipped, but take a look quick, before this gets pulled.

And then watch the clip below. It’s a similar treatment of the opening to the show Full House, but with a special Nick Offerman mustache treatment.

The future.