The Apple Card is not magic


A select set of consumers are finally starting to get their Apple Cards, and the web is overflowing with banal analysis about every mundane detail. Did you hear the one about the guy with a credit score of 620 who got approved? Gasp!

Look, I get it. This is Apple, after all. Anything the company does gets dissected, fawned over, argued about, and hot-taked into oblivion. But the Apple Card is often mistakenly considered to be far more noteworthy than it is: outside of the fact that the Apple Card is, well, from Apple, it’s not very remarkable at all.

A rare bit of clarity from Macworld. The Apple Card, is it presently stands, is in the middle of the pack when it comes to “the best card.” But Apple will undoubtedly offer more and better features and options as time goes by.