iOS adoption, 90%. Android Pie adoption, 10%. Does it matter?

Apple posted their latest iOS adoption numbers. Google posted the Android pie chart a few months ago. Here are the pie charts in question.

First iOS:

And now Android:

Both iOS 12 and Android Pie shipped late last summer, Android Pie in August 2018, iOS 12 in September. As is always the case, due to Apple controlling all the iOS hardware and the full update process, adoption of the latest version of iOS is sky high, while Android adoption is splintered, with only a small percentage of Android devices gaining the latest and greatest updates.

Does it matter?

I can’t help but think it does. Though Android has evolved ways of flowing later tech to the vast majority of its users, I can’t help but notice that the vast majority of Android devices are running Oreo or earlier. Oreo shipped two years ago.

To me, unpatched devices are a breeding ground for malware. Am I wrong? Is this no longer an issue? My Android friends, please do correct me if this is a non-issue. It is single-handedly the largest thing that keeps me from recommending an Android phone to my friends and fam.

Do a Google search for “Android and Malware”. There are hot takes, of course, but there are reasoned takes as well. Not saying Apple’s App Store is perfect, but I like my chances of keeping malware off my iPhone way better than off my Android device.