The Apple Card is the product that finally killed the Apple fan in me

The Next Web:

Join me in giving a round of applause to the product that killed the Apple fan in me: the Apple Card!

First off, yeah, I know how businesses work. They exist to make money. Apple hasn’t been making its hardware for the sheer joy of it, it’s done solely for profit. And that’s fine. It’s more that the Apple Card is counter to the business‘ trajectory.

Its products put people at the centre, so they can control of their own world. Hell, even Apple Pay was built with this approach, as it allowed users access to their pre-existing bank accounts in a way they wanted.

Apple releasing its own credit card is not in that spirit one bit. It’s not a supportive mentality, it’s an exploitative one.

While I disagree completely with the reasoning, it’s still interesting to see what anti-Apple Card people might say and think. And, to be clear, I wouldn’t get an Apple Card even if it was offered here in Canada. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it has value for others.