Apple Card offers benefits from Mastercard, base APR lowered to 12.99%


Mastercard’s website offers a list of benefits available to Apple Card users, including fraud protection, identity theft protection, and a free ShopRunner membership that offers free two-day shipping from some websites.

Other benefits include Mastercard’s travel discounts and upgrades, Mastercard’s exclusive “special events,” Mastercard golf offerings, and home rental discounts via Onefinestay, all of which are available to all Mastercard users.

I’ve been critical of the lack of additional benefits to users of the Apple Card vs other cards so it’s good to see a few more details from MasterCard that show benefits not mentioned in the past. But they still don’t match up to the Visa cards I use now. For example, the Apple Card does not offer purchase protection and extended warranties for cardholders which, in my opinion, are table stakes for most cards.