Apple aims privacy billboard at Google’s controversial smart-city

Lisa Vaas, Sophos:

Apple has a new billboard and a far more specific target. This time, the company has erected a privacy billboard at the site of a developing “smart city” called Quayside. Some are calling the neighborhood, on Toronto’s eastern waterfront, a privacy dystopia in the making. It’s going to be sensor-thick, and it’s tangled up with the uber data-collecting Google: the developer is Sidewalk Labs, which is a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet.


The vision for Quayside is that of a smart city built “from the internet up”. As the Atlantic reported last November, sensor-collected data will be used “to disrupt everything:” traffic congestion, healthcare, housing, zoning regulations, and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Apple’s billboard hangs high over the city construction and reads:

We’re in the business of staying out of yours.

Here’s a link to a photo of the billboard, looming over Google’s Sidewalk Labs sign.