Tim Cook, in an email to NBC reporter, calls Wall Street Journal story on Jony Ive departure “absurd”

Here’s a link to our post on the original, paywalled Wall Street Journal story, in case you haven’t yet seen it.

In response to this story, Tim Cook sent this email to NBC reporter Dylan Byers:

Hi Dylan,

Hope you are well.

The story is absurd. A lot of the reporting, and certainly the conclusions just don’t match with reality. At a base level, it shows a lack of understanding about how the design team works and how Apple works. It distorts relationships, decisions and events to the point that we just don’t recognize the company it claims to describe.

The design team is phenomenally talented. As Jony has said, they’re stronger than ever, and I have complete confidence that they will thrive under Jeff, Evans, and Alan’s leadership. We know the truth and we know the incredible things they’re capable of doing. The projects they’re working on will blow you away.


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The email has been called scathing. I’d go with emotional and strong. This is certainly a rebuttal, but it feels like someone defending their team, their hard work, and good name. I would expect nothing less from Tim.