What it’s actually like to be on House Hunters—twice


When people learn that my husband and I have been on House Hunters not just once but twice, they always have a million questions. Once we are done explaining, though, they never like my answers and wish they never asked. This is because even though smart viewers know that reality TV is created and edited just as carefully as scripted TV, they still, in the back of their minds, think that there must be some base-line rules about the “reality” that’s portrayed. But there aren’t!

So I’m going to tell you all about my experience with House Hunters International, on which we appeared in 2017, and House Hunters, which we filmed last winter. My story will possibly burst your bubble about the show. If this is not something you want, stop reading now.

I used to really like this show until a few years ago when I found out it was completely fabricated.