SIM swap horror story: I’ve lost decades of data and Google won’t lift a finger

Matthew Miller, writing a story that no one wants to write:

At 11:30 pm on Monday, 10 June, my oldest daughter shook my shoulder to wake me up from a deep sleep. She said that it appeared my Twitter account had been hacked. It turns out that things were much worse than that.

After rolling out of bed, I picked up my Apple iPhone XS and saw a text message that read, “T-Mobile alert: The SIM card for xxx-xxx-xxxx has been changed. If this change is not authorized, call 611.”

This reads like a nightmare, told with ever increasing dread. Yes, it does get worse.

Read to the end for a section called “Recommendations for your security” but, since all this is still not resolved, I’m hoping for a “Lessons learned” update. And, for Matthew’s sake, hope the resolution happens quickly.