tvOS 13 beta 2 brings Picture-in-Picture video multitasking to Apple TV

Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac:

You can now watch shows from the Apple TV app whilst multitasking around the rest of the operating system. Just like the iPad, Apple TV users can leave the video playing in a thumbnail window whilst they navigate the rest of the operating system.

If this is true Picture-in-Picture (PiP), I would be thrilled. A game changing feature, at least for me. I’d be able to keep tabs on a ball game or news story, in a PiP overlay, while watching content on the main screen.

From everything I’ve seen, including this tweet that started this whole discussion, it looks like there’s only one live video feed.

Traditional PiP required two video sources to make that double-live-video feature happen, so this is no surprise, but it’d be very cool if there was a way Apple could bring real PiP to life in tvOS.

UPDATE: Been told that this feature will, indeed, support two separate sources, meaning you can watch live content in both the main screen and the inset screen. If true, this is a big deal. Will reach out to Apple for confirmation.