Jon Alper’s detailed take on the new Mac Pro

Jon Alper:

Minimizing the compromises while maximizing flexibility is a the core design theme of this Mac. It’s a profoundly different direction from the 2013 Mac Pro in all the best an most unexpected ways. Arguably, even if you never buy one, it’s an expensive (for Apple to make, not just for customers to buy) message from Apple practically shouting: ‘’We’re committed to the Mac, we’re listening to our customers and we understand some of them need something wholly unlike an iMac let alone a laptop.”


It’s not a sports car. This is realization of the 2010 Steve Jobs’ quote: “When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks. But as people moved more towards urban centers, people started to get into cars. I think PCs are going to be like trucks. Less people will need them. And this is going to make some people uneasy” .This truck is a thundering, earth mover of a truck.

This is an epic read, full of insight and detail. Even if you have no intention of ever buying a Mac Pro, if you’re an Apple follower, I think you’ll enjoy this read. Well done, Jon.

[H/T AAPL Tree]