Apple flexes its privacy muscles


This year I sat in the WWDC keynote, reading the undertones, and realized that Apple was upping their privacy game to levels never before seen from a major technology company. That beyond improving privacy in their own products, the company is starting to use their market strength to pulse privacy throughout the tendrils that touch the Apple ecosystem.

Regardless of motivations, be it altruism, the personal principles of Apple executives, or a shrewd business strategy, Apple’s stance on privacy is historic and unique in the annals of consumer technology. The real question now isn’t if they can succeed at a technical level, but if Apple’s privacy push can withstand the upcoming onslaught from governments, regulators, the courts, and its competitors.

Mogull is the best voice writing about this issue and he brings up a very interesting point — will Apple be “allowed”, by various government agencies and/or public opinion and other factors, to follow through on the vision?