Apple Arcade is poised to become a major force in mainstream gaming

Leif Johnson, Macworld:

Almost out of nowhere, Apple is poised to be a major force in mainstream gaming. It’s doing it in its own Apple way, too—not by chasing down the graphics-intensive blockbusters so popular on devices like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (or even the PC), but instead by positioning its upcoming Apple Arcade service as a hub for remarkable and tightly focused games that often get mentioned in discussions of whether games are art.


It’s partly funding some of the games in Apple Arcade. It officially announced Project Catalyst, which will allow the same apps to work across the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, and possibly Apple TV. It’s lifted most of the restrictions that kept games out of Apple’s walled garden for years, most notably by announcing support for wireless Xbox One controllers and Sony’s Dual Shock 4 for the PlayStation 4.

This is not simply about Apple Arcade. Sure, Apple Arcade is an important pillar in Apple’s modern gaming strategy, but the idea of running a game on my Mac, handing it off to my big screen Apple TV, then grabbing my iPad or iPhone to continue playing on the road is a second major pillar. And doing it all using top notch pro controllers like the Sony Dual Shock 4? That’s another big deal.

It would not surprise me to learn about Apple negotiating behind the scenes with major gaming franchises to bring a new generation of console level games, beyond Apple Arcade’s “art house” games, to the new Catalyst-fueled Apple platforms. This could be a new golden age for Apple and gaming.