Walmart employees will soon deliver groceries directly into your fridge

The Verge:

Starting this fall in the US, Walmart customers in select cities can choose to have their groceries delivered directly into their refrigerators when away from home. The InHome service will use Walmart vehicles and its own workers equipped with proprietary wearable cameras. Using undisclosed “smart entry technology,” Walmart employees will be able to enter homes to make deliveries, while customers will be able to control access and watch the deliveries remotely.

This raises so many questions for me. Would you allow someone you don’t know to enter your home to put groceries in your refrigerator? This is one step beyond Amazon’s front door access that let’s them stick a package just inside your house.

And what about the footage of the interior of your home that is captured and put on the internet? How is this footage secured? Who can see it? It is available for you to see on the net, so the potential is there for other lurkers to see it as well.

Wondering if my kids will someday see this all as normal.