Cardiogram judging most exciting WWDC keynote moments by monitoring Apple Watch heart rates

Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider:

Cardiogram will be allowing its users to start recording their heart rate on the Apple Watch continuously before the WWDC keynote begins, one which uses the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor. The data is shared minute-by-minute with the company, which is then compiled with data provided by other users.

During the event, a dedicated live heart rate chart will update to show what the current heart rate of participants taking part in the monitoring scheme is, and what the group rate was in previous minutes. In theory, the heart rate will be highest shortly after major new announcements.

This is a pretty fascinating idea, borrowing a page from political polling rooms that track people’s reactions to a speech with buttons they press, in real time, when they strongly agree with a particular sentiment.

I can only imagine these two worlds colliding.