Apple is hiring writing and editorial teams to make Siri more “fun” and “witty”


What does Siri really know about sports, the weather, and stock? Not too much, and that’s a problem for Apple. There’s nothing worse than asking a digital assistant the score of a game only to get a wooden answer that you could have Googled in half the time.

Well, no. I would definitely be more than happy with a wooden, but correct, answer. But that aside:

Based on hiring data tracked over the past few months, Apple appears to know this. That’s why the company is hiring writers and engineers with a focus on particular subject matters to help make Siri more interesting and enticing to use.

I think that last little bit is on the mark. Apple wants Siri to be more interesting and entertaining. And, I think, more human.

The new positions suggest that the company is putting together subject-focused teams of both engineers and writers to not just improve Siri’s knowledge base, but do so in a way that’s editorial and entertaining with a particular voice.

No matter the reasons, good to see Apple’s Siri hires trending upwards. Interesting article.